Stunning Mobile Sites, and What Your Company Can Learn from Them

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When thinking about responsive design (a website design that is mobile and tablet friendly) the key things to consider are simplicity, ease of navigation, and quality of images. You want a site that adjusts gracefully from computer, to tablet, to smartphone.

Think about what users need the most, and only that content should wind up online. Make your product or service as easily accessible as possible. People are looking for ways to save time, and they’ll take the most convenient route to get what they need.

A few we like:


 imageimage (1)


&pizza immediately establishes itself as a great date spot, and the menu is easy to navigate.


image (2)image (3)

The same filters are available across devices, and the menu is simple and easy to navigate.

The World Wildlife Fund

image (6)image (8)

The WWF puts it’s cause at the forefront of their site, and makes it easy to donate, or learn more.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday saw a record breaking $1.5 billion in sales. Paypal reported a 62% increase in global mobile payment volume. Follow that up with Small Business Saturday, and local companies have a lot to gain by making themselves easily available via mobile.

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