With the enormous variety of browsers and device sizes today, websites must be designed to be responsive and mobile-ready. Our designers understand the unique approaches to designing a future-ready site that adapts to the users’ viewing devices. At KNOWN, we approach every new project with a desire to create an aesthetically-appealing and very usable experience for our clients’ audiences. A beautiful website with hard-to-use interfaces becomes less beautiful to the user, and maybe even annoying. Our goal is to excel in creating the best experience for the user on every website we build, one that includes aesthetic beauty, modern design, and intuitive interfaces.


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No problem is unsolvable. From the front-end to the back-end of your site, our developers can create a completely custom application. We work closely with our designers to ensure the experience for you and your audience makes sense and is extremely usable. KNOWN creates sites and web applications on content management systems, third party frameworks, or completely “from scratch”. We can help you determine the best platform for your needs, and will take your project from conception to final product. There has not been a single web problem we haven’t been able to solve. For large, custom web applications with millions of users, we will work with our back-end development partners to ensure your project is secure and capable.


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