RVA’s First All-Local Online Ordering Platform

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We’re excited to share this press release from Quickness RVA, a bicycle based courier service, and one of our favorite clients.


Richmond, VA

2016 has seen an explosion of national companies setting sights on Richmond’s growing restaurant scene, attempting to coax Richmonders to corporate ordering platforms like GrubHub and OrderUp that partner with national chains such as Chipotle and Subway. While these platforms do feature some local restaurants, they make no distinction between local or national, instead prioritizing high-volume chains and those that pay for advertising. Ultimately, these corporate platforms drain money out of Richmond’s local restaurant industry by pocketing sizeable percentages of every order that they process.

In response, many local restaurants have turned to an all-local online ordering platform run by bike courier company Quickness RVA. The platform, quicknessrva.com, features a curated selection of 20+ restaurants and other local businesses, all based in Richmond. Many local favorites are available exclusively through the site, such as Ipanema Cafe, Goatocado, Greek on Cary, and The Naked Onion (full list below).

Regarding the decision to develop the platform, says Jess Izen, Quickness RVA, “Our customers and clients wanted online ordering. The only existing options undermined the Richmond restaurant community, pulled money out of town, and were stacked against local establishments. So, we decided to build our own. About a year ago, we approached KNOWN, a Fan-based digital creative agency, about the project. Now, just shy of 25% of all delivery orders that we run come through our platform.”

According to Greg Darden, General Manager of Ipanema Cafe,
“Quickness approached us already understanding our needs, our vibe. The bike delivery service is reliable & fast but just as important for Ipanema is their respect & love for the Richmond community. Setting up online ordering with Quickness has been a great way to offer our menu along with other local businesses into a market that before had been a bit bleak & chain-dominated.”

Says Jason Ferrell, Owner of Branch & Vine (formerly Olio in the Fan),
“It’s been awesome to be one of the first partner restaurants on Quickness’s online ordering system. They’ve become an iconic part of RVA culture, so we jumped at the chance to be a part of their growth. Our customers love that they can get the convenience of online ordering from a local company.”

From Alex Konstantinidis, owner of Greek on Cary, “I have used OrderUp, GrubHub, all of them, to see who’s better. With the big companies, you definitely lose something (plus they take their own percentages out). For this reason, we’ve dropped them and exclusively use Quickness’s online ordering. Greek on Cary’s been around for five years. We care about working with the local business community. It is more personal, there is passion. As we transition from more of a take-out style Greek restaurant to an upscale sit-down restaurant, Quickness’s site is part of the polish that we are after.”

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For more information or to reach participating restaurants for comment, contact:
Jess Izen
Quickness RVA
(214) 356 – 8708

Current Restaurant Partners
(bold: exclusively available on quicknessrva.com)

Alero Mexican Restaurant
Asado – The Wing & Taco Company
Branch & Vine (formerly Olio in the Fan)
Continental Divide
Deep Run Road House
F. W. Sullivan’s
Greek on Cary
Ipanema Cafe
J Kogi
K-Town Kitchen & Bar
Lady N’awlins
Lift Coffee Shop
Little House Green Grocery
Little Mexico
Olio at the Brownstone
Rosita’s Taco Shop
Sticky Rice
Strange Matter
The Naked Onion
Trolley Market Convenience Store
Uptown Market & Deli

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 1.52.00 PM

*All photos are from @QuicknessRVA on Instagram.